AfDB opens up to young professionals

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AFRICAN Development Bank (AfDB) has issued a call to young people who are interested in joining the continent’s premier finance institution under its Young Professionals Program (YPP).
The YPP offers a unique opportunity to young people with a passion for development to participate in offering solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges. (more…)

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AfDB vice-president Khaled Sherif.

Zambia’s GDP undervalued

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DOREEN NAWA, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea AFRICAN Development Bank (AfDB) Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery vice-president Khaled Sherif has advised Zambia to relook at its current Gross Domestic Product (GDP)…

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AfDB platform links Zambia to investors

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DOREEN NAWA, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
IN A bid to bolster investor relations and confidence, Zambia has engaged various stakeholders at the on-going African Development Bank (AfDB) annual meetings, Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba has said.
Mr Yamba said Government officials met with AfDB regional development, integration and business delivery vice-president Khaled Sherif to discuss Zambia’s current gross domestic product (GDP), among several other matters. (more…)

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