T-Sean, T-Bwoy being led to an album


DANCEHALL artistes T-Bwoy and T-Sean, both of Bizzy Baila International label, have announced plans of releasing a collaboration

album, which will follow the first single they have just released Don’t Lead Me On.
The song, produced by the Thee High Grade at Bizzy Baila International, was released last week and has already gone on number one on Q FM and number nine on Sun FM on the Copperbelt.
“The response to our song is very nice, it’s so magical because we released the song on Thursday evening on the 1st of June and by Saturday, just two days after we released the song, it was number one on Q FM, number nine on Sun FM and it’s on a lot more local count downs,” T-Bwoy says.
“On Monday, a Nigerian television star who has over 892 thousand views posted our song a couple of times which was really shocking. It means that over a million people connected to her in Nigeria listened to the song, so it’s God’s blessing.”
He says while they are yet to find a name for their album, they have been doing singles together.
“…So, we just thought lets collaborate on this one and see how far we’ll get by joining our two major bases,” T-Bwoy says.
“On the single, the inspiration behind the song is first of all, T-Sean started working on it and I found him doing it. But for me, the parts that I was singing were real life situations, things that somebody has said to me before.”
T- Bwoy (Tanonga Nswana) and T–Sean (Richard Mulenga) have been long-time friends and business partners. About seven years ago, they recorded No Mountain at K-Army and in 2013, they set up a recording studio and record label Bizzy Baila International, which they launched at the Lusaka Playhouse with auditions leading to the discovery of the likes of Wezi, Zola, D Stereo and Mwape.
“We have recorded a lot of songs together and that’s actually one of our strengths. So, we decided, since we do sound good together, why don’t we come up with an album that will carter for both our fans,” he says.
And T-Sean, the self-proclaimed king of dancehall who has songs like Mulipo, Wonder Why, Forever, Umoyo and Boza, says the project will be out soon and fans should anticipate it.
“We haven’t set the release date just yet, but what I can say is that recording has been smooth. Don’t Lead Me On is our first single off the album. People have always loved it when we come together on a song. They say our styles and vocals sit well on any song that we have done together,” he says.
T-Sean adds that one of the most common comments they get from people is for them to do an album together.
“After my successful double album release last year and after T-Bwoys successful Dweet album launch, we felt this could be the right time to work on our collaboration album,” he says.

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