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T-Sean fans throng Mayela, the Bank4


AFTER making his debut album titled Adamu (the definition) in 2012, T-Sean (Richard Mulenga) has grown to be one of the leading dancehall artistes.
His acts with K-Amy under producer KB saw T-Sean team up with T-Boy to form the Bizzy Baila label.
He recently performed at Mayela P.H.I Pub & Grill before moving to The Bank4 in Lusaka.
At both shows, his songs like Wonder Why, Ngati Sunikonda, Show Me Your Swag and Booza, instantly swayed his legion of fans.
During the Mayela outing, T-Sean made justice to his radio hits such as Lekelela Bokosi, Mulipo, Permanent, Daily Daily and Umuyo, leaving the night “owls” gasping for breath.
His music, he said on his Facebook page, is inspired by Morgan Heritage, Lyaz, Sean Paul and Busy Signal, although his singing is compared to Gyptian, Beenie Man or even Chevelle Franklin’s.
After the release of 90 Days, T-Sean received some massive acclaim.
After receiving some deservedly nomination for the Born & Bred and Zambia Music awards last year, T-Sean went on to release his third and stunning studio album, Mu Mirror.
Songs such as Daily Daily, Lekelela Bokosi, Rambo, Kumalushi, Mutusende Bwino, Like Glue and Wasumina made up this album.

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