T-Bwoy back in studio


AFTER releasing a duet album with T-Sean last year titled One Day, T-Bwoy is in the studio working on his fifth solo album.
T-Bwoy has already released singles off the album with the first one being Atidalisa.
The song talks about the relationship that a child would expect to have with his dad who had abandoned him but later comes back after the son has made it in life.
T-Bwoy’s other single is Ubaba Mutima which he released last month.
“It’s a very touching song and everyone who has listened to it always says it’s a very personal song,” he says.
“…Most of the time, we love people that don’t love us back. You find that you love someone and that person loves another person. It’s just a general complaint that goes out to so many other people, most of the people relate to the song actually.
“In most cases, we wish for things that never come to us, so basically, that’s what the song talks about, wishing for something that you can’t have, something which is already with someone else.”
Another single which T-Bwoy is releasing is titled Take It Easy, an afro dancehall song talking about a man telling a woman to take it easy and not be in a hurry.
“I’m definitely working on an album, I have a couple of songs, it’s just that this year, I’ve been busy,” he says.
“I was in the United States of America twice in a space of three months and I was sent by my employer, the Food Reserve Agency to represent Zambia at an expo in Namibia.
“That is what held me back from releasing some of the music because I was extremely busy, but now that I’m settled home, I’m going to release a lot of songs back to back.”
T-Bwoy says he records music whenever he feels he has something to talk about.
“I have too many songs, I can’t hold on to one album. If I feel like recording a song today, I’ll record and release it,” he says.
“Recording is continuous for me, there has never been a time that I’ve stopped recording. When there’s a song that I’m feeling, I record and release it immediately. I don’t wait to release it some other time because music goes with time.
“If at a particular time you record a song to do with what people are talking about right there, you can’t wait for next year.”

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