Swine hits again

MORE than 160 pigs in Lusaka have been slaughtered following a resurgence of the African swine fever.
Last year, Lusaka was hit by an outbreak of African swine fever, which prompted Government to restrict the movement and processing of pigs and pig products, and subsequently slaughtered over 15,000 animals to avoid the spread of the disease.
Government in February this year lifted the pig ban movement in Lusaka after the disease was contained.
According to information posted on the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) website, the disease has broken out again in some parts of the district and this is likely to have a negative effect on the development of the pig industry.
“A total of 162 pigs have been slaughtered at Chikupi Vocational Training Centre in Lusaka’s Shimabala area by a combined team of ZNFU and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock staff after tests showed that pigs on the farm had African swine fever,” ZNFU says.
The union, however, said samples for testing were collected from about 5 surrounding farms and the results came out negative.
But Government, through the department of veterinary, has continued to conduct tests on pigs and farms in the area with results of more samples collected expected to be ready soon.

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