Swine fever hits Solwezi

THE Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) says African Swine Fever (ASF) has broken out in Solwezi killing over 20 pigs.
According to information posted on the ZNFU website recently, the disease has broken out in some parts of North-Western Province last week, while Solwezi has been put under surveillance until the latest case.
In August this year, Government banned the movement and processing of pigs and pig products in North-Western following the outbreak of ASF in Kasempa and Mufumbwe, which also spread to Kabompo, Zambezi and Chavuma, killing almost 3,000 pigs.
“ASF has broken out in Solwezi, and this is likely to impose a negative effect on the development of the pig industry. Over 20 pigs have so far died, and the dead pigs tested positive for AFS,” the union said.
ZNFU was among the stakeholders that witnessed the slaughtering of the surviving pigs at the affected farm as part of the control measure.
Commenting on the disease outbreak, Small Livestock Association of Zambia (SLAZ) chairperson Martin Mukuka said Government must be practical in ensuring that the disease does not spread to other zones as this is likely to affect the growth of the industry.
Mr Mukuka said SLAZ is ready to work with Government to help contain the disease.
“As SLAZ we feel the outbreak of ASF in North-Western is a blow to the nation and to the association because if not well handled, it can spread to other parts of the country affecting the growth of the industry. All we are asking Government is to be proactive as they did when we had an outbreak of ASF in Southern and Lusaka Provinces,” he said.

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