Sweden’s democracy centenary elicits introspection

IF the past outcomes of general elections in Zambia are anything to go by, then in 2021 Zambians have something to smile about, but another country which may not be left out of the celebratory mood is Sweden.
While Zambia goes to the general elections in 2021 to showcase her presidential election system, Sweden on the other hand will be celebrating 100 years of full parliamentary democratic representation.
Zambia has since independence in 1964 been electing her presidents with the current head of State, Edgar Lungu, being the sixth, while on the other hand, Sweden has over a hundred years elected its parliamentarians with the majority party picking a prime minister as head of Government.
The two countries may be miles apart, with Zambia being in Africa and Sweden in Europe, but their diplomatic ties date back to the 1960s.
Democracy ambassador Lena Posner-Körösi says Sweden’s democracy rests on solid foundations. CLICK TO READ MORE

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