SWASCO urged to introduce pre-paid meters

Prepaid water meter.

GOVERNMENT has urged the Southern Water and Sanitation Company (SWASCO) management to introduce pre-paid metering system as a means of increasing its income generation.
Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Lloyd Kaziya has also said Government will drill at least 10 boreholes in each constituency to improve the provision of clean and safe drinking water to citizens.
Mr Kaziya said when he met SWASCO management team recently that he was concerned about the low revenue collection by the water utility and that time had come for it to consider alternative measures of collecting income.
“My major concern is failure to collect revenue. SWASCO MD (managing director Charles Shindaile), consider pre-paid metering. You need to seriously look into that,” he said.
Mr Kaziya said he wanted to see the pre-paid metering system implemented by all water utility companies and not just SWASCO to improve their profits.
Apart from meeting the SWASCO management team, Mr Kaziya also toured the company’s regional office, the Choma Dam being managed by the company and its water supply facilities in Choma.
He was impressed that SWASCO was managing its water affairs professionally and promised it government support to further improve its operations.
Mr Kaziya said Government would study the concerns of rehabilitating Choma and Munsuma dams being managed by SWASCO to improve water reticulation in the province.
He said SWASCO should work with farmers who had private dams to increase the provision of water supply to communities.
Mr Kaziya said his ministry was waiting for the approval of the budget from the Ministry of Finance before begining the sinking of wells in constituencies.
“We need to sit down with other stakeholders, especially members of Parliament (MPs) and chiefs to identify areas where we can sink boreholes,” he said.
And Mr Shindaile said his company had proposed the construction of another holding dam for Choma to meet the increased demand of water in the district.

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