Suspended MPs challenged to apologise

THE Citizens Education Programmes (CEP) has given the 48 suspended United Party for National Development (UPND) members of Parliament (MPs) a 48-hour ultimatum to apologise to the people of Zambia for boycotting Parliament during the State of the nation address or face legal action.

CEP chief executive officer Hendricks Nyambe said in a statement yesterday that CEP will take the matter to court if the MPs do not apologise.
“As rightfully put by the Speaker, there can be no national assembly without the President, who swears in the Speaker, to whom the MP’s take oath of office in which they swear allegiance to the President, as required by Article 260 of the constitution of Zambia,” he said.
Mr Nyambe said the President Lungu was duly elected and deserves to be respected.
“The 48 MPs are playing double standards by going to National Assembly before the Speaker, who is sworn in by the President, whom they refuse to recognise. The 48 MPs ask questions to a government being run by a president they refuse to recognise, worse still, the leader of government business in the national assembly is the Vice-President who was the running mate to the President,” he said.
He said people who voted for them are suffering for lack of representation and development for their constituencies.
“Citizen Education Forum fully supports the Speaker for suspending the 48 MPs, and indeed challenging them to resign as MPs if they cheated the people of Zambia when they took oath of office,” he said.


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