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Suspected corridor disease affects Mpongwe cattle

LACK of dipping facilities in Mpongwe’s Musofu farming area has resulted in continued suspected corridor disease, the Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has revealed.
ZNFU says cattle had continued to die in the area because of livestock disease which has been worsened by lack of dipping facilities by most farmers.
According to information posted on ZNFU’s website, the veterinary office in Mpongwe has confirmed the development.
“It has become difficult to control the disease as most farmers do not have dipping facilities and cannot afford to buy accuracies [the correct vaccine],” it says.
It, however, says the veterinary officers are working to ensure the disease is brought under control.
Farmers in the area have accused the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of working at a slow pace to curb the disease, according to the ZNFU.
The farmers said there is need for Government to contain the disease, as any delays will wipe the little herds of cattle that have remained in the area.
Meanwhile, farmers in Chibombo have complained over the cumbersome processes involved in the export of various agricultural commodities.
The farmers said Government delay in issuing export permits and the arduous process involved in accessing the export forms.
The farmers have suggested that all export documents should be made available at the district agriculture co-ordinator’s office to quicken the process.

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