Suspect commits suicide

A SUSPECT who was detained at Kyawama Police Station in Solwezi district for the offences of burglary and theft has allegedly committed suicide

by hanging himself to a burglar bar on the window of the police cell.
North-Western Province commissioner of police Auxensio Daka said the incident happened on Tuesday at Kyawama Police Station between 18:00 hours and 18:30 hours and identified the deceased as Webson Sachikasa aged between 25 and 30 years.
Mr Daka said the suspect hanged himself using a blue piece of cloth he made from his T-shirt sleeves.
“Kyawama police has recorded a case of suspected suicide which occurred on 11th July 2017 inside the cells in which a man who was detained for the offences of burglary and theft is suspected to have committed suicide by way of hanging himself to a burglar bar on the window to the cell,” he said.
He said the suspect was jointly charged with Simon Kandindima who was recently released from prison but that the deceased was separated from his co-accused and was being held in the female cell which was vacant at the time.
“He was arrested the same day and some recoveries of stolen items were made after he led police to places he sold them,” Mr Daka said.
He said police visited the scene and found the body lying in a sitting position with a blue cloth around the neck.
“A similar piece of cloth was found tied to a burglar bar to the cell window,” Mr Daka said.
He said the body is at Solwezi General Hospital awaiting post-mortem and police have opened an inquiry into the matter.
“A black substance he is suspected to have vomited was found near the body,” Mr Daka said.

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