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Support women in decision-making, faith organisations urged

THE Zambia National Woman’s Lobby (ZNWL) has called on faith-based organisations countrywide to be ambassadors by advocating for women’s participation in decision-making processes.
ZNWL chairperson Beauty Katebe said this on Tuesday at the consultative and awareness meeting in Lusaka aimed at engaging faith based organisations on gender awareness and the importance of women’s participation in decision-making processes.
Ms Katebe also said the recent Gender Audit of the Public and Private Sector conducted by ZNWL revealed that faith-based organisations have not been spared in the under-representation of women in decision-making processes.
She said this is why gender mainstreaming interventions should be prioritised in all sector, including the faith-based organisations.
Ms Katebe said “I am delighted that we are finally engaging leaders of faith-based organisations, simply because they command a lot of respect, not only in their organisations, but also in the communities and the country as a whole.
People and leaders tend to listen to faith based organisations because they carry a commanding voice. If they start urging their followers to involve women in decision-making processes, means that women would be embraced in decision-making processes at household and community levels as people would listen to them”.
Ms Katebe also assured participants that communities are more likely to change their attitudes towards women if the Church actively got involved in advocating for women’s participation in decision-making processes.
She said choices and needs of women also ought to be addressed through their participation in decision-making processes and structures, including in faith-based organisations

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