Letter to the Editor

Support President Lungu to deliver development

Dear editor,
IT IS a very well-known fact that President Edgar Lungu is the bonafide head of State of Zambia until 2021.

Furthermore, let us be mindful of the fact there can only be one republican President in the country after the general elections.
Those opposition leaders and individuals attacking President Lungu for no apparent or unjustifiable reasons don’t mean well for our country. This is because they seem not to know what they are doing. They are miles away from political reality. If anything, they should provide checks and balances in the good governance of our country.
The head of State has been attacked most of the time by some people and opposition leaders whose main preoccupation is to enter State House by whatever means, including violating the electoral process.
President Lungu has a national development agenda for the country. This is because he strives to deliver development equitably to all parts of the country regardless of ethnic grouping or the voting pattern.
For the head of State to achieve this objective, there is need for all Zambians to support him. The period of politicking ended on August 11, 2016 when the general elections were held. It is now time for work and everyone has a role to play towards fostering economic development of Zambia.

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