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Title: Mistaken Identity
Genre: Action, Thriller
Starring: Harley Mwewa, Samson Shiwanwa, Catherine Soko
Time: 1 hour 37mins
MISTAKEN Identity is a truly action packed movie that is at par with international standards. It is a fast-paced movie that sees a bank employee take up a life or death struggle to protect his girlfriend and brother from a murderous gangster while outrunning the cops in a bid to retrieve a chip that holds important information.
It is a well scripted and acted action movie with impressive stunts and a whole lot of fighting.
e18hteam, a documentary film about Zambia’s national football team, has been released as part of the 50th Independence celebrations marking the country’s freedom from British colonial rule. This production is a Spanish and Zambian co-production as a result of a collaboration between writer, director and producer Juan Rodriguez-Briso of Omnicorp Estudio and producer Ngosa Chungu of Purple Tembo Media.
The movie looks at the journey Zambia has taken from football tragedy to victory and features several interviews with past football veterans – including the late great Dennis Liwewe.

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