Support locals, equality – PSDA

PRIVATE Sector Development Association (PSDA) says there is need to engage more local Zambians in running the economy to achieve meaningful economic independence 50 years after independence.
PSDA chairman Yusuf Dodia said while Zambia has witnessed an increase in the number of locals running successful businesses and consultants, Government has for a long time engaged foreign consultants hence the need for increased local input.
“We are still economically dependent but it is time we take full control of our economy by engaging locals in planning the economy instead of engaging a lot of foreign consultants yet there are a lot of capable Zambians,” Mr Dodia said this in his jubilee message on Friday.
He, however, said the country has been in the last five decades transformed from a position of high poverty to reduced poverty.
Mr Dodia also said there has been an increase in the number of educated people and growth in local enterprises.
Commenting on the golden jubilee, Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) vice- president Robert Liebenthal called for equality in income distribution in the country to ensure majority Zambians benefit from the country’s resources.
“Zambia is still unequal society where income is not distributed equally,” he said.
Mr Liebenthal, however, said the country has in the last decade registered improvement in areas of diversification from mining to other sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and construction.

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