Letter to the Editor

Support livestock farming

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to commend Government for the seriousness it is showing in revamping the livestock sub-sector in the country.
For the first time in many years the sub-sector is receiving the attention it deserves.
I have noted that the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has embarked on the promotion of livestock production in various parts of the country through the re-stocking programme.
Livestock rearing can be a very lucrative business for rural farmers.
It has the potential to reduce poverty because besides providing a reliable source of protein, farmers can also earn income which they can spend on other needs such as education, shelter, clothes and household goods.
I am urging my fellow Zambians to give the government all the support it needs so that the programme is successful.
It is for our own benefit and that of our children.
With the rising demand for meat, those who will venture into livestock production will not regret the decision.
But I am urging the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to strengthen extension services so that the farmers are equipped with the right knowledge on how to manage their livestock.

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