Sun Share Tower welcomes celebrities

MACKY II, Iris Kaingu, Gesh Groove and Cleo Ice Queen at the Penthouse Party.

CLEO Ice Queen, El Mukuka, Macky II, Gesh Groove, DJ V Jeezy, violinist Caitlin and if you like Iris Kaingu all turned-up for the launch of the Sun Share Tower near Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka.

Sun Share LTD launched the tower building at an event held last weekend in collaboration with PR Girl Media.
Lusaka residents turned up in their most fashionable clothes on Saturday at the highly-anticipated Penthouse Party.
PR Girl Media, a local public relations and event management agency confirmed to the Weekend Mail in Lusaka that the event was a showcase of the building and an opportunity for guests to experience entertainment with top floor views of the city.
“Celebrity hosts Cleo Ice Queen, El Mukuka, Macky II and Iris kept the crowd entertained while DJs, V Jeezy and Gesh Groove offered a fusion of new and old school hits,” PR Girl’s Chishimba Nyambe said in a statement. “The violinist Caitlin Deville performed to a cheering crowd taking them through a series of her latest covers of trending songs.”
Corporate sponsors of the event included Airtel Zambia, Chivas Regal, Strongbow and Miller. PR Girl Media have hinted to the Penthouse Party being an annual event.
“Lusaka is becoming more cosmopolitan, we are jumping onto this trend and trying to push the envelope in the events industry,” PR’s Monde Nyambe added. “There is so much potential for us to grow along with the market and we look forward to 2018.”

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