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Summit theme clear, says Haimbe

GOVERNMENT has emphasised that the thematic areas for today’s 2nd Summit for Democracy are border on three thematic areas, among them how democracies deliver tangible benefits to citizens, contrary to speculations by some sections of society.
Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe said the meeting, which starts today, will also look at the need for collective action that responds to the greatest challenges of our time.
It will also showcase progress made by world leaders on commitments made at the first summit for democracy in 2021 and during the year of action.
“We are reassuring the people of Zambia as to what the purpose of this summit is,” he said. “The thematic areas are very clear even on the website.”
Mr Haimbe said this yesterday when giving an update to the media on Zambia’s co-hosting of the 2nd Summit for Democracy 2023.
During a question and answer session, Mr Haimbe said proceedings of the summit will be transparent and streamed live to debunk any speculation or false narratives regarding the event.
“The very fact that we have all these media platforms and other means by which people of Zambia themselves can follow the summit as it goes on is another indicator of the transparency of the whole event,” he said.
“If there are people who believe that there are other thematic areas that the summit will deal with, they should be able to come to you as we have with proof for those allegations.”
He urged all Zambians and anyone taking part in a leadership role to put the country first rather than using various platforms to paint a negative narrative about the country.
Mr Haimbe said President Hakainde Hichilema and his US counterpart Joe Biden and co-hosts from Costa Rica, the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea will assemble world leaders in a virtual level plenary.
“It will be followed by a series of in- person meetings, with representatives from governments, civil society, the media, and the private sector in each co-hosted location,” he said.
Mr Haimbe said the summit, to be closed by Vice-President Mutale Nalumango tomorrow, is open to the public.
He said the in-person event will have presentations on how to ensure electoral integrity in Africa and electoral reforms that have been implemented on the continent, among others.