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Summer is here, get ready

Fashion Trends with ANGELA CHISHIMBA
THE weather has been changing from cold to hot, a clear sign that summer is knocking. This week, I want to share some latest styles that you can consider this summer to stay cool and refreshed.
For the best and trendy look this summer, there are a number of clothes you can pick that will keep you cool.
Maxi dresses
Maxi dresses are one of the greatest summer styles that will make you look cool while displaying a long dress. When styled right, these dresses are beautiful for summer for both day and night outings. Maxi dresses are ideal for summer because they are free style and allows for some air.
Short dresses/skirts
Short flared floral dresses are a must have this summer. These dresses come in different summer colours that bring out the best looks. These look good with pamps. The same goes with short skirts.
Hot pants/culottes
These also come in handy in summer. I would like to caution however that even as the hot pants are making a mark this season, only a few people with the right figure should consider these. Culottes are free style and can suit almost every shape.
Light jeans
It is hard to wear a pair of jeans in the heat of summer. However, for jean lovers, I would recommend white jeans because they are pretty much seasonless. White jeans are a good way to stave off sweat, too, considering they don’t attract as much heat as other darker colours.
Try out these trendy wears and feel refreshed this summer.
Have a blessed weekend.
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