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Suke Chile opens Fiesta VIP nightclub

SUKE Chile, long associated with the Chez Ntemba brand, whose main outlet now is in Lusaka’s Kabulonga, has branched out and opened his own nightclub called Fiesta VIP at Fairview Hotel in Lusaka.
Yes, as the name suggests, it is a VIP Club, one that you should expect from someone who has been involved in the entertainment industry for a long time.
It has been a long time coming.
“I started planning for this months ago, over nine months actually. But we’ve been operating now for about two or so months. I said after working for others for so long, it was time for me to do something on my own,” Suke told the Weekend Mail when it visited the club last week.
“This one I’m calling it The Fiesta VIP Nakutelemuka Si Kwanguka, which in its literal translation means something like, I’ve just slipped but I haven’t fallen. This is the first Suke Chile wholly-owned club. We intend to open other outlets outside Lusaka in future.
“For those that want to see Suke Chile playing rhumba, this is the place to come. We’ve got other DJ’s here, playing different genres of music so that we can cater for as many people as possible.
“We’ve DJ Mopao, DJ Smooth, DJ Saka and DJ Chamanga. This is what I would call a college of DJs; each playing their own genre, Zambian, disco, kizomba, R‘n’B and myself, rhumba. This is the place for real rhumba.”
Looking at Fiesta VIP, which was formerly a casino, it is clear that Suke is targeting an upmarket clientele.
“We have an entry charge so that we’ve a certain control on who comes in. Within, we also have a section for VIPs. However, we’ve made it a point that whoever is coming here, he or she is a VIP already,” he says.
“When you come to Fiesta, you’ve come to a right place. If you want old school rhumba, it’s all here. But it’s a mixture of African and Western music. We open at 20:30 hours, Wednesday to Saturday.”

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