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Suitable attire for place of work

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THIS week, I write about suitable attire acceptable for office environment.

Most institutions, both in the public and private sectors come up with policies on dress code to provide employees with the guidelines for suitable attire, acceptability of appearance and enforcement procedures.
There is a criteria institutions use to establish a dress code for a particular working area as follows:
The employee’s clothing, hairstyle and jewellery should not be of a type which could interfere with the safe performance of his or her duties. This rule is for the benefit of all employees in their working areas.
Customers judge companies or institutions not only by the quality of the products and services they provide, but also the appearance of the people with whom they deal.
Employees whose duties involve such contact must maintain a suitable appearance.
Our personal image with customers and the general public is as important as our customer image. Employees who deal with the general public must be aware of the fact that their dress and action reflect upon the Company or institution they represent.
Employees are therefore expected to dress in acceptable office wear.
In some institutions, men are expected to wear long trousers, a clean pressed shirt, with or without a tie and with or without a jacket, while female employees who opt to wear trousers must ensure that they are loose fitting, and accompanied by a smart blouse or jacket.
Skirts and dresses must be knee long, loose fitting and have reasonably short slits.
Dress code, however, depends on the type of work one is involved in. The above outlined dress code works well for people who work in an office environment.
This dress code cannot, for instance, be suitable for field workers.
Depending on the job one does, those in the construction sector are expected to be in overalls or work suits, while field journalists can be in jeans and sneakers for easy movement in case of a riot, fire, or violent protest.
Have a blessed weekend.
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