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Success, peace of mind – Part 2

In last week’s column, I emphasized that in as much as we may agree that poverty is not good, success should be measured by the level of both the quality and quantity of life.
I went further by saying that success should be measured by how clean the process of attainment it is and the effects of that success.
I said this because some people have attained the desired quantity of success but have been robbed of the peace of mind or their success has  resulted in a troubled conscience due to the process through which they attained their goal.
By quantity I imply, the measurable amount of attainment. I believe all yearly projections determine the desired amount of success to be attained.
It is important to quantify yearly projections because they define the increase in the amount life attainment.
On the other hand the word quality implies the level of excellence of your achievement and the manner though which it is or was achieved.
How one attains success is as important as its attainment. In pursuit of goals both have to be given equal attention because they contribute to the quality of life.
Most youths are carried away by the pursuit of success but pay little or no attention to the quality of life after the quantity has been attained.
The manner through which success is attained brings about a sense of pride and peace of mind.
In Mark 8:36 Jesus says, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (King James Version).
One of the meanings of this quotation is that attainment of the quantity of success, even if it goes to the extent of gaining the whole world, does not guarantee quality of life.
Be mindful of the quality of the process of attaining the quantity of success so that you have a peace of mind.
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