Study in US: Tips, opportunities


THE anonymity of newspaper readers makes writers to sometimes wonder whether anybody ever reads their work.
You might not know this but writing can be so onerous that it takes the whole day for some writers to carve out just a single sentence. Historically, Conrad and Balzac are good examples. So it is all the more exciting – and fulfilling – when a writer like myself hears from consumers of his work, not always about the literary merits of his work, but also in terms of specific requests for guidance or help. About two weeks ago when I wrote about my experiences as a postgraduate student in the United States, a good gentleman wrote to me: “Wow! [Your article] energised my dream again. America has been my dream country. I’ve been trying to get there and pursue a PhD in gender studies, especially when offered a scholarship. How do you help in that area?” I replied almost immediately, but I also feel obliged to reproduce here a longer version of my response to the subject of that question. I suspect that many people out there, perhaps you, need such information, but may not be as fortunate to access it. I present this as a combination of tips and opportunities, not based on hearsay, but on my own first-hand experience as a Zambian studying in America. Besides, my assumption while writing this is that you possess the given minimum qualifications to study at a particular university in America. This depends on your chosen degree programme and the universities shall guide you. Finding a university

As the world’s largest economy, the United States of America boasts of numerous universities that offer a wide range of opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate education. Though best known for its Ivy League universities such as Harvard, what makes the country stand out, as the ideal locale of study, is the fact that it appears to have a university for everyone. So while you may not get into an elite university, you can always get quality education, which cannot otherwise be obtained at many other American universities. Your first goal as CLICK TO READ MORE

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