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Students should heed President Lungu’s advice

Dear editor,
BEING a pressure group university students are vulnerable to selfish politicians who use them to gain political mileage.
It is therefore important that students heed to advice by President Lungu to be cautious of selfish politicians who are ready to gain politically at any expense even at that of students’ education.
Students should set their priorities right by identifying why their parents sent them to university. It is saddening how some students sink so low to become cadres risking their future. Students should know that getting immensely involved in politics even to the point of campaigning for some candidates has negative repercussions on them. Apart from being robbed of study time, students stand to be bruised emotionally and physically on the political scene.
It is therefore wise for these students to respect the wishes of their guardians to see them graduate and eventually earn a better life for themselves.