Student survives on laundry odd job

“HAVE your blankets of all sizes and kinds washed at K30. I am mobile and charge for transport [normal bus fare],” reads a message on Salome Hansungule’s social media page.
Attached with her phone number is a picture showing her washing.
Salome, a second-year student of enviromental health at Evelyn Hone College, goes round washing beddings for people to pay some bills.
Salome starts her day around 08:00 hours before she goes for classes at 12:00 hours.
She says the money she earns from the odd job helps her to print assignments and buy other necessities.
“I decided to start washing for other people because my parents cannot afford to cater for all my school requirements. Already, they struggle to pay my tuition fees,” she says.
Salome says she started washing for people because she does not want to bother her parents, who are already financially stressed.
“My mother is a security guard and my father is doing nothing. My mother has to look after three of my younger siblings,” she says.
Salome feels time has passed for her to start asking for money for basic necessities from her parents.
In a good week she is contracted by eight clients and manages to make about K240.
She specialises in washing blankets and duvets.
“I ventured into blankets and duvets because I know that most people feel lazy to wash them,” Salome says.
Although she manages to find clients, she admits that sometimes days go by without finding one.
She says it is difficult to find clients sometimes because people do not wash blankets every CLICK TO READ MORE

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