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Strong resolve needed to win one’s internal battles – Part 3

IN LAST week’s column I ended by saying, “It is important to turn away from the evil devices because the power you consistently succumb to defines you, your life and destine. You can have your freedom back and enjoy your God given life. The starting point is making a resolve to change.”
The challenge is sometimes, in our struggle to resolve inner conflict doing the right thing does not seem to yield the perceived positive reward. It is common among youths that at times persistence on doing the right thing may lead to one being a laughing stalk.
It may also lead to abandonment and subsequently a life of loneliness. Sense of rejection can be very painful such that solutions may seem to be in the undesirable evil activities, forcing youths to work against their conscience.
Wrong doing may excite us with short term benefits or pleasures while blindfolding us on its long term impact. It is possible to impress people around while forgetting that no one can live your life regardless of numerous things shared in common.
Actions may be undertaken in unison but consequences are borne individually. Hence it is important to make a choice on an action to be taken. It is possible to be enslaved by personal conflict resolution if options are not properly accounted for.
A resolve to change for the better is therefore inevitable.
Luke 9:62 says, “Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand on the plow and looks back is fit for the service of the Kingdom of God.” The quotation shows that service and like in the Kingdom of God requires a resolve. To resolve is making a firm decision.
I insist on a resolve because the process of change requires mental strength that is ready to stand against any pressure that may lead to sliding backwards.
It requires a bold decision to abandon the familiarity and embark on a journey that will bring about positive development in one’s life.
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