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Street vending chapter closed

ALTHOUGH the component of housing has been moved away, the Ministry of Local Government remains central in the delivery of services to residents in various localities across the country.
In the words of Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale: “Local Government plays a crucial role in the transformation of living standards of people because of its physical proximity to the people in need of development than the central government.”
In accordance to the Government Gazette Notice number 836 of 2016, the Ministry of Local Government is responsible for the amusement play parks, business hours, cemeteries and burial sites, council nurseries, crematoria, feeder roads and township roads, film censorship, fire services, levies, liquor licensing, local authorities training and local government policy.
Additional functions include running of markets and bus stations, plant nurseries, street lighting, registration of clubs, rates, theatre and cinemas policy, urban and regional planning; and valuation of property and solid waste management.