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Stop witchcraft, Kalaba advises Kasamba community

BAHATI member of Parliament (MP) Harry Kalaba is disturbed by reports of witchcraft in Kasamba community in Mansa.
Mr Kalaba, who is Minister of Foreign Affairs, said it is disheartening that issues of individuals allegedly practising witchcraft have persisted in Kasamba to the extent that teachers are running away from the only primary school in the area.
“I am very disappointed with issues of witchcraft in this area. This community has always been reported as practising witchcraft, a lot of it, to an extent where all the teachers have run away in the past.
“We have told them that development will not come if they are practising witchcraft. Because every other evening, people are experiencing bizzare things,” Mr Kalaba said.
The minister said development would not be delivered to the area if people continue using underhand methods to the detriment of the emancipation of their own community.
He told the residents that even the clinic that has just been completed would not open if they continue practising witchcraft because a medical practitioner will refuse to be deployed there.
On old and dilapidated Kasamba Primary School, which is falling apart, Mr Kalaba said he will consult Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Michael Kaingu to find out if there is a provision in the 2015 budget for a school.
Mr Kalaba said the school has been in existence since the UNIP era and K60,000 from Constituency Development Fund will be set aside to rehabilitate it.
Kasamba Primary School was built during the UNIP era under the leadership of the late Simon Kalaba as Bahati MP.
And school head teacher Foster Mulubwa said issues of witchcraft are now being handled by the District Education Board Secretary and Chief Chimese.
She said a lot of sad and dehumanising things have happened and continue to happen to teachers.

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