Letter to the Editor

Stop violence during campaigns

Dear editor,
AS things stand, there is fear, insecurity, instability and a sense of foreboding in many people’s lives.
We are scared for our lives because the deadly Ebola virus is only kilometres away from our borders.
Should we also live in fear in areas where political campaigns are being conducted?
Should jobless thugs, bent on butchering innocent people in exchange for a few pieces of silver and chibuku, instil a sense of insecurity in us?
Why should there be a breakdown in law and order each time there are campaigns for a parliamentary or local government seat?
If we fail to govern ourselves, who will contain our unruly behaviour?
Why is there so much politically-motivated hatred in a Christian nation?
Where are the police?
In view of this, I would like to urge the Electoral Commission of Zambia to cancel elections in areas where cadres engage in violence until calm, law and order are restored.
Lives are more important than elections.

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