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Stop primitive attacks on Chinese

IT IS extremely saddening that Zambians are now doing things they are not known for.
The xenophobic attacks on the Chinese businesses on the Copperbelt is not only unprecedented but unacceptable as well.
This has led to some Copperbelt-based Chinese businesspersons taking ‘forced’ vacations to their country for fear of xenophobia purveyed by political elements and their cohorts.
The Chinese government has since lodged a formal complaint to the Zambian government over attacks targeted at its citizens because of falsehoods being spread by people with a hidden agenda.
Xenophobia against the Chinese or against any foreigners negates efforts to attract foreign direct investment (FDI).
In order to attract FDI, Zambia must compete on the international front.
In doing so, we tell the whole world that we have abundant natural resources ranging from fertile soils to minerals and water.
In fact, our best marketing strategy is the peace that this country has continued to enjoy since independence.
This peace is accompanied by a stable political climate and friendly people who investors and other visitors meet from the ports of entry to all other parts of the country.
But the stable political climate and smiles we have been using as a bait to attract investors are under threat due to politics of hate.
As long as xenophobia against the Chinese or any other foreign nationals continue, we cannot realise the potential in an environment where there is no tranquillity.
People promoting hate speech ought to realise that Zambia is not the only country that the Chinese can do business with. There are several other countries in need of Chinese investors.
There are hundreds countries out there which equally have rich mineral and other natural resources endowment but instability has kept the Chinese away.
Yet, the Chinese have chosen to bring their money to Zambia which has contributed to employment creation.
Doomsayers may wish to know that China is courting many countries and investing greatly in many countries not only in Africa, but globally.
As the world’s second biggest economy, it ought to be understood why even the biggest economy, the United States, does a lot of business with China.
Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge and know that China is investing big in Zambia and will continue to do so for many years to come if Zambia continues to welcome them and assure them that their investments are safe.
Chinese investment in emerging countries like Zambia is also embedded in the Chinese strategy of promoting sustainable development for China’s economic growth.
China has approximately 1.4 billion people who are eager for good life and sustainable development. It is therefore unfair to subject Chinese business people who mean well for Zambia to hostilities.
Chinese investments into Zambia are hugely positive and therefore welcome.
Zambians should take advantage of the Chinese foray and benefit more from their presence in the short, medium and long term.
The Chinese are expected and are willing to operate according to the laid down policies and laws of host countries.
Let us continue to promote an environment which continues to welcome Chinese investment into Zambia because the Chinese will invest and create jobs for the locals.
Chinese investments in Zambia are part of the Chinese broader programme of promoting Chinese firms to invest outside China so as to promote sustainable development for China and recipient countries such as Zambia.
There are investments in construction, mining, trading, manufacturing, service sector such as banks and insurance.
The significance of Chinese investment in Zambia cannot be over emphasised. This is the direction of the future and Zambia should better get prepared to receive huge investments from China.
China has just helped Morocco to have Africa’s first ever bullet train. This can be seen by Chinese firms investing in long term projects like building hotels, office blocks, investing in real estate business, among others.
The Chinese cherish the climate in Zambia and are willing to pump in colossal sums of money to change the landscape of Zambia provided citizens welcome them.
Those promoting xenophobia should know that it can trigger retaliation on Zambians not just in China but elsewhere in the world.
If we have issues against the Chinese, these can be resolved amicably.

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