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Stop poor products imports

Dear sir,
The  Zambia Bureau of Standards needs to do more to protect us from unscrupulous business dealers of various types of products.
I appreciate the work that the ZABS is doing in sensitising consumers about not falling prey to or duped into buying substandard products, particularly electrical items.
But  electrical items such as mobile phone chargers, mini-solar lanterns and a host of others  which are available in “ tuntembas” are not the only products that are almost always defective.
The so-called “modern furniture” also leaves much to be desired. Most, if not all, wooden desks, cupboards and tables supplied by various dealers for offices, internet cafes etc are defective despite looking attractive.
For a company, these items are deemed as fixed assets on a balance sheet, but they are not because they “waste” away in no time: drawers fall off, table panel stands break and the furniture  has to be replaced.
ZABS should locate the source of such poor quality furniture and ban its importation.
The Zambia Bureau of Standards Cap 416 of the Laws of Zambia has provided sufficient powers for ZABS to deal with issues of substandard products across quite a wide spectrum.
One wonders who allows the importation of these substandard products  and whether they are checked for suitability at ports of entry into the country so that they can be redirected back to their countries of origin.
Though the economy is liberalised, this should not make it easy meat for such products.
The Zambia Revenue Authority should also take up its role.
Lastly, ZABS should set up offices at borders to inspect imported items. Please nip substandard products in the bud!
Kapiri Mposhi

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