Letter to the Editor

Stop politicising the jubilee

Dear Editor,
It comes as a big disappointment to hear that a lot of learned and renowned Zambians are distancing themselves from celebrating the independence jubilee which falls on 24th October 2014.
I was made to go through a lot of literature to understand what jubilee means just in case I had a wrong concept. I noted that the in-depth explanation of jubilee does not vary from what I already know.
It is plainly explained that jubilee is celebrated every 50 years and hence Zambia celebrating 50 years of independence.
It does not detail that you only celebrate jubilee when you have achieved certain objectives in that period but only when you have clocked 50 years in whatever sphere of celebration.
We are therefore going to celebrate our Independence jubilee for having been our own masters for 50 years, that day which is a milestone and everyone who knows the meaning should join in the celebration.
A few Zambians are fond of misleading the majority when national events which have nothing to do with politics take place and it is sad that of all people, some of our politicians do not rejoice in Zambia being independent and want to reverse it as if we are still colonised.
That is the meaning of their boycott. But has the Jubilee got to do with the Patriotic Front 9PF) and President Sata for people to take it politically? If it is for what has not been achieved, is PF government then supposed to achieve what was not achieved in 47 years just in its three years in Government?
Let us be serious with issues affecting all the people than advancing politics for our own sake.
Let us be objective whenever we are dealing with issues affecting the majority.
A lot of our relatives in the rural areas are geared for the event and yet the few town dwellers want to think and act for them why, and in whose interest?
This is the longest renowned national event celebrated even in rural areas.

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