‘Stop illegal water connections’

MULONGA Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has warned residents of Chingola against connecting water to their houses illegally.
MWSC acting division commercial services officer George Mulenga said residents should follow procedure when connecting water to their properties.
“A lot of residents have illegal connections in their homes because they are avoiding paying water bills,” Mr Mulenga said.
He was speaking in Chingola on Wednesday during the launch of the Chingola Municipal Council (CMC) junior mayor project (JMP).
Mr Mulenga said such illegal acts are rampant in low cost areas where residents want to misuse water and to avoid paying bills.
Mr Mulenga said illegal water connection is tantamount to stealing from the water utility because of the losses incurred.
He said MWSC spends huge sums of money to maintain infrastructure to effectively provide residents with adequate and clean water supply.
“Our facilities are very expensive, for us to purify the water that residents drink, funds must be drawn from water bills, so residents should not shun paying bills”, Mr Mulenga said.
He said some residents have put up meter bypasses to avoid paying bills
“Residents hire people to cut the pipes that are connected to the water meters we have put and replace them with their own,” Mr Mulenga said.
He said people have taken advantage of the fact that water is not as dangerous as electricity and they can easily disconnect pipes illegally.
“The residents have taken advantage because water pipes are not as dangerous as electricity wires,” Mr Mulenga said.
He warned that individuals found wanting will be prosecuted
And CMC has launched the Junior Mayor Project JMP to enable citizens, especially the youth to appreciate the important role that Local Government plays in communities.
Speaking during launch of JMP at Chingola Secondary School on Wednesday, Chingola mayor Titus Tembo said the project will help residents and the young generation to appreciate the social services that the local authority provides.
“This project will be used as a platform for the young generation to start appreciating the services being offered to them by the council,” Mr Tembo said.
He said the local authority will engage pupils and the business community to ensure that the project succeeds.
Mr Tembo said the project will inspire the youth to work hard at school so that they can get an education and contribute to national development.

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