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Children’s Corner with PANIC CHILUFYA
FOR a long time, children have always been part of all occasions including joyous ones like marriage ceremonies, where they perform roles befitting their ages; however, this is no longer the case.
Of late, there is a tendency of using children to perform suggestive dances that are not only embarrassing, but are exploitative because the dances infringe on the rights of children.
For instance, the latest trend of using young children, especially girls, to dance provocatively at wedding ceremonies has become acceptable.
It is sad to see adults cheer and gawk as young girls shake and wriggle their waists in ways that are akin to pornography, with some shameless adults going to the extent of shoving money into the clothing of the young dancers as a sign of appreciation, which seems to be the norm.
One can only wonder if such children, who are exposed to making easy money at such a tender age, from excited audiences, will be motivated to concentrate on their school work.
For the sake of children, such behaviour should never be tolerated or encouraged. Time is long overdue to protect children who are exploited in the name of entertainment.
There is nothing wrong with children playing their childhood innocence in such events, which are often family oriented, but to involve them to wriggle their waists and shake their little ‘bottoms’ in the name of entertainment, should certainly not be allowed.
When children are allowed to behave or dance in a suggestive manner, what morals are being imparted? When such children begin to put into practice the dance moves, who will blame them because they do not know any better. When children see adults applaud and give them money for their suggestive dances, it is a sign of approval.
Children should be given a chance to enjoy their childhood and should not be encouraged to do things that are beyond their age. That is why adults have a responsibility to ensure that children enjoy their childhood, and are taught the merits of good values and morals without exposing them to unbecoming behaviour.
Adults should be responsible role models by teaching children what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour to safe guard their future. When children are given the space to enjoy their childhood experience; to grow, develop, explore and learn at their own pace, instead of indulging in adult behaviour, they are likely to grow morally upright.
Adults, especially parents, should take an interest to know what their children watch and who they interact with to avoid them being exposed to such dances because by nature, children are like sponges, they imitate and soak in whatever they see or hear.
That is why most programmes on television have the parental control feature, it is meant to protect young minds; it is time to put that feature to good use for the sake of the young ones.
The feature is there for a reason, it is not a mere decoration. For the protection of children, the parental control feature should be the most frequently used button on the remote control.
Remember, children are our future. Until next week, take care.

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