Letter to the Editor

Stop blaming referees

Dear editor,
AS THE second round of the FAZ –MTN Super Division Transitional League gets tougher, it has become common for losing teams to blame referees.
Yet some of the teams are beneficiaries of bad calling by the men and women at the centre of the pitch.
Clubs should admit that refereeing standards are not at their best in Zambia.
They should call upon FAZ to continue monitoring and training referees so that deserving teams win games fairly.
However, there is a trend by some clubs to blame referees each time they lose but will never point an accusing finger at the match officials when results go their way.
All teams play to win, no team enters the pitch with a view to giving away points.
Clubs should also school their players in fair play and not feign injuries when there are none.
One such instance was last Saturday when Maestro United Soccer Academy (MUZA) players were falling in the Green Eagles box with a view to being awarded penalties.
MUZA should thank themselves because the referee was very tolerant otherwise he could have booked those players for simulation.
Teams will cry blue murder when they think they deserved a penalty but will keep quiet when the opposing club is denied.
Clubs should adopt Fair Play whatever it costs.

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