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Stolen baby’s mum still unaware of incident

WHILE Dalisto Banda, the mother of the new born baby that was stolen and later sold to another woman for K3,500 at the University Teaching Hospital last week continues to recover, she is yet to be told of the episode. Ms Banda, a resident of Kafue, had a difficult labour which saw her entering the intensive care unit thereby missing out on the entire episode, which is still unfolding and looks compelling enough for a box office hit movie. So far, six suspects, among them two maids and nutritionists working at UTH have been detained in connection with the theft of Ms Banda’s new baby. Ms Banda’s mother, Elina Lungu, says though her daughter’s condition has greatly improved, medical personnel at UTH have advised the family not to inform her about the theft of her baby, but wait for her to be discharged. Ms Lungu, who described the entire incident as devastating to the family, says she longs for a day when those behind the traumatising act will CLICK TO READ MORE