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Stock local products, supermarkets urged

GOVERNMENT has called on supermarkets in the country to consider stocking their stores with local products to assist the local manufacturing industry to grow.
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margret Mwanakatwe said most of the products found in stores are imported because local manufacturers are not producing them but there is a lot of potential for the sector to grow with support from various stakeholders.
Mrs Mwanakatwe said after touring Shoprite, Game Stores, Spar, Pick‘n Pay, Food Lovers Market and Melisa Supermarkets on Tuesday that it is clear that all the stores are keen to stock their shops with local products.
“From the tour of all the five stores they are keen to support the local products and stock them in their shops. But we want to encourage them to start stocking more of our local products to help the local manufacturing sector grow.
“This is a fact-finding mission which will inform us to how we can strategise better with my team on what industries we need to establish upon identifying where there is need,” she said.
She said the purpose of the tour was to find out fast-moving products in the supermarkets so that the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry can identify industries were the public can be encouraged to invest.
Mrs Mwanakatwe cited Melisa Supermarket where the management said they are importing some of the products such has dog food and match sticks because they are no firms producing them in the country.
She said after the tour, Government will look at the products identified and see how best it can encourage the public venture into producing them.
“I would also like to encourage Zambians to be proud of what we have. As we do our shopping we should look out for locally produced products,” she said.

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