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Stimulate green economy

PRESIDENT Lungu with Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe (second left) during a conducted tour of a Zambia National Service demonstration field at the ongoing Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show in Lusaka on Thursday. PICTURE: MACKSON WASAMUNU

TODAY, one of the country’s premier annual events, the Zambia Agriculture and Commercial (ZACS) Show, officially opens its doors to

the public, and South African President Jacob Zuma is expected to honour the event.
The show, which is the 91st edition, runs from 2nd to 7th August and brings together leading business houses, partnerships, firms, government entities, individuals and farmers from Zambia’s 10 provinces.
The event is an ideal platform for business-to-business exchanges in agriculture, agribusiness, trade and commerce as well as emerging farming technologies, product innovation and value addition.
This year, the show is being held under the theme ‘Promoting a Green Economy’.
A green economy is defined as one that aims at reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, and that aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment.
The Show is therefore an opportunity to gauge to what extent businesses are concerned about the environment as they go about their day to day business activities.
It is also an opportunity to heighten the consciousness of businesses on the risks they could be posing to our environment.
This year’s theme is key to ensuring that in our development processes we do not create environmental problems which can also be expressed as digging a hole to fill another one.
It calls for adoption of ways that promote development and at the same time preserve the environmental resources.
In as much as we endeavour to develop in all sectors as a country, we should be conscious not to harm the environment.
This is because we have an obligation to preserve environmental resources for future generations.
As a country we are working towards diversifying into agriculture as our main economic stay.
The question that we need to ask ourselves is, how do we achieve this goal without harming the environment?
In view of increased farming activities and charcoal production, it is important to put in place measures to prevent deforestation.
Agriculturists should take the lead in educating people on good farming practices, conservation farming and minimum tillage of land among others.
There is also need to limit the use of charcoal by finding alternative sources of energy.
For instance, schools and prisons which mostly use firewood for cooking need to shift to alternative sources of energy.
This is important if we are to preserve our forest resources for future generations.
In view of devastating effects of climate change such as extreme weather patterns, preserving our trees and environment in general is not an option.
The promotion of green economy should therefore be inculcated in the minds of all Zambians to make it a way of life.
This is the only way we are going to ensure sustainability of environmental resources.
The older generation owes it to the younger ones to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the environment.
This will ensure that the environmental resources are passed on from generation to generation.
We implore businesses exhibiting at the show to ensure that they maximize on the opportunity by educating show-goers on the need to preserve the environment in the course of their business and day to day activities.

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