Stick to rulebook, police told

THE Police and Prison Service Commission has urged police officers to acquaint themselves with provisions of the Constitution for them to effectively execute their mandate of maintaining law and order in the country.

Commission chairperson Peter Chingaipe said every police officer should understand the Constitution and adhere to the code of ethics which requires them to be loyal to the government of the day.
Mr Chingaipe was speaking when he addressed officers at Westwood Police Station in Lusaka yesterday.
“As public officers, you are reminded to strictly observe the code of ethics for the public service, which among others, requires you to be loyal to the government of the day regardless of one’s political affiliation and religious beliefs,” Mr Chingaipe said.
He said the code of ethics is intended to protect the integrity and impartiality of the Zambia Police Service as it implements Government programmes for the good of the country.
“The code of ethics espouses and inculcates the values of honesty, objectivity, loyalty and selflessness for the good of the country,” he said.
Mr Chingaipe urged the police to maintain high levels of self-discipline as they execute their duties.

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