Letter to the Editor

Stay free of sexually transmitted infections

Dear editor,
IF ONE wants to pursue his or her ambitions and achieve the desired success, one must keep their health in top form.

A person should, therefore, live a clean life. A sick body and a dysfunctional car will not take you very far. For instance, someone who has two sexual partners, A and B, probably is not the only one who sleeps with A.
‘A’ also sleeps with ‘C’ and ‘D’. And how many more bedfellows, current and former, do C and D have? Then there is B. Besides you, B probably has two or three more sexual partners: E, F and G; each, of course, with other webs of current and or former lovers.
This, then, is a highly dangerous network of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS. It follows that while you may fool yourself that you only have two lovers, chances are high that, in fact, you are probably in sexual contact with more than 13 strangers.
You may employ condoms and what not, but to err is human. While being HIV-positive is not the end of the world, we ought by all means to avoid unnecessary diseases.
Sticking to one faithful sexual partner is a good cure; the best is the defensive virtue – abstinence. You have a lot of life ahead of you. Stay negative.

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