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Statutory institutions can mitigate housing shortage

Dear editor,
KINDLY allow me space in your paper to express my opinion on the residential housing shortage in Zambia.Needless to say, there will never ever be a time when every citizen will have a decent house because this is not practical due to several factors such as population growth, rural-urban migration and the high cost of land, especially in cities such as Lusaka, Kitwe and Ndola.
But despite the foregoing, something can be done to mitigate the housing shortage.
Statutory institutions such as National Housing Authority, National Pension Scheme Authority, Workers Compensation Fund Control Board, Zambia Consolidated Copper Mining Investment Holdings ( ZCCM – IH) and Zambia State Insurance Corporation, to mention but a few, should divert some of their huge resources to constructing affordable residential houses which even the people who are not earning a lot of money can purchase.
In the not too distant past, the named institutions used to help alleviate the shortage of residential accommodation.
I would like to urge the Government through the Ministry of Local Government to come up with modalities of how statutory companies can start investing part of their revenue in affordable residential houses.
The Ministry can also enter into public-private partnership arrangement for the same purpose.
The time to seriously start thinking of how to mitigate housing shortage is now, bearing in mind that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.
Kapiri Mposhi

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