State won’t interfere in succession wrangles


MINISTER of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Lawrence Sichalwe says Government will not interfere in chieftaincy succession wrangles but leave the House of Chiefs to resolve them.
Mr Sichalwe said in an interview recently, Government respects the role traditional leaders play in promoting national unity, the preservation of culture and national heritage.
“Government will not take part in power wrangles among traditional leaders in the country. Traditional leaders are partners of the government in both social and national development,” he said.
“The issue of succession wrangles is a preserve of the House of Chiefs, and as Government we are there to ensure that the House of Chiefs conducts traditional affairs in a favourable manner.”
Mr Sichalwe said traditional leaders are protected by the Constitution and that Government respects their freedoms.
He said Government’s role is to work with other stakeholders and the House of Chiefs to ensure that succession wrangles are resolved peacefully.
“Article 161 of the Constitution is clear about the rights and freedoms of traditional leaders, and as Government we do not want to violate the fundamental freedoms that govern the operations of traditional leaders,” Mr Sichalwe said.
He said Government is aware of the succession wrangles in some parts of the country and is working with the House of Chiefs to resolve them.
Mr Sichalwe said Government is committed to working with chiefs to improve the lives of Zambians.

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