State urged to increase social protection funding

GOVERNMENT has been urged to increase funding to the social protection scheme as it has a better way of targeting beneficiaries compared to the farmer input support programme (FISP).

Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) associate researcher Malindi Chatora said unlike social protection, FISP targets viable farmers and not necessarily poor growers.

Mrs Chatora said there is need to channel more resources to the social protection programme as it helps to eliminate inter-generation poverty.
“Social protection has been receiving an increased share of the total national budget from 2011 representing a 2.7 percent increase. However, this has improved significantly to 4.2 percent.
“But when we look at FISP, we notice that these proportions are even bigger. FISP is also a social protection programme under livelihood and empowerment, but its share of the total national budget has grown significantly, especially from 2015 to 2017,” she said.
Mrs Chatora further called on Government to ensure that resources are disbursed on time to allow implementing agencies to attain results.
She said the delay in funding is negatively impacting on both FISP and social protection programmes.


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