State urged to reconsider relocation of Prisons HQ


SOME interest groups in Kabwe have implored Government to rescind its decision to relocate the Zambia Prisons Service (ZPS) headquarters to Lusaka.
And ZPS commissioner general Percy Chato said the process of relocating the headquarters is progressing well.
Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) vice-chairperson of the communications committee Laurian Hangala said the relocation of ZPS headquarters will disadvantage Kabwe economically and socially.
Mr Hangala said in a statement issued yesterday that key institutions should not all be in Lusaka.
“The type of and extent of infrastructure investment at the headquarters of the ZPS in Kabwe is massive. Any attempt to leave this infrastructure to a regional office will involve enormous sums of public funds which the country needs,” Mr Hangala said.
Mr Hangala said the relocation also entails that between 100 and 150 officers will leave and their transfer is not only costly but will affect the economy of Kabwe.
Mr Hangala urged Government to avoid what happened when the headquarters of Zambia Railways Limited was relocated to Lusaka and the decision was later reversed.
“As a chamber, we recommend that the headquarters shifting programme be subjected to more consultative process to help all parties affected,” Mr Hangala said.
And non-governmental organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Central and Eastern region coordinator Pascal Kambafwile said the organisation is saddened by the relocation of ZPS headquarters to Lusaka.
“We are hoping that the decision can be relooked into because Kabwe’s economy depends very much on people who are working,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Chato said the process of relocating the ZPS headquarters has advanced.
“The position hasn’t changed. The issue of the headquarters is going on and we will let the public know where we will be,” Mr Chato said.

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