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State should formulate statutory instrument on CSR

Dear editor,
GOVERNMENT should consider formulating a statutory instrument (SI) on corporate social responsibility to help councils countrywide counter irresponsible business houses and companies in their jurisdiction.
Currently, councils can only lobby or rather engage companies or less like beg them to address a few challenges the districts grapple with due to these companies’ actions.
Government should make it law that any company neglecting to mend, repair or otherwise compensate for any infrastructure it has put to tear and wear must be held accountable.
The tarmac by a place famously known as Chigayo on the road going to Lulamba Township in Chingola is half gone due to tear and wear caused by heavily laden trucks that park there. This has left other motorists with only one lane to share, which is very dangerous.
Despite these companies being aware of the tear and wear they cause on the roads, they carry on as business as usual.
If the spot in Lulambe is left unattended to, it will soon become a deadly spot. What makes the situation even worse is that even the adjacent road going into loop area is unpassable during the rainy season.
Government should, through an SI, give powers to councils to summon such companies and command them to repair the damage they have caused.