State set to improve East water supply

GOVERNMNET has released K500,000 for projects to improve water supply in Eastern Province.
Eastern Water and Sewerage Company managing director, Lyton Kanowa said Government has paid K 500,000 out of K2.5 million the company

Mr Kanowa said the money will be used to drill boreholes in Chipata, Chadiza and Katete districts to improve water supply.
He was speaking in Chipata on Friday during a media briefing to give an update on the 2016 performance of the company.
“As Eastern Water and Sewerage Company, we are grateful to the government and our customers for the support rendered to the company in 2016,” Mr Kanowa said.
Mr Kanowa said Government has paid out all 2016 bills for its departments in the province.
Mr Kanowa, however, said Government still owes the company long outstanding bills amounting to K4.7 million.
He said K5.5 million is owed to the company by domestic customers in the province.
And Mr Kanowa said the company was faced by many challenges in its operations in the year 2016.
Mr Kanowa said the revenue collection dropped to 90 percent last year from 96 percent in the year 2015.
He  said most dams dried up last year resulting to reduced supply of hours and water shortages in Chipata while the quality of water was not good because of poor infrastructure at the company’s treatment plant.
Mr Kanowa said sanitation coverage reduce from 53 percent in 2015 to 40 percent in 2016.
He said staffing levels at the company is also low at 0.1 percent.
Mr Kanowa said the challenges contributed to drop on the company’s performance indicator to the 4th position at national level last year compared to 3rd position in 2015 as ranked by the National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO).
He said the focus is to increase the revenue collection this year and source for K 30 million to improve infrastructure on the company’s water treating plant especially in Chipata district.


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