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State seeks AfDB funding for roads

GOVERNMENT is seeking funding from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to rehabilitate the US$252 million Chinsali-Nakonde road project under the trans-Africa North-South corridor to promote trade between Zambia and other countries in the region.
Last year, an environmental and social impact assessment was submitted to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency for the proposed rehabilitation of the road.
According to AfDB ESIA summary availed to the Daily Mail on Wednesday, the implementation of the project forms a critical link in the north-south corridor, linking trade route between Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Tanzania.
“Government through the Roads Development Agency (RDA) is seeking funding from AfDB to finance the rehabilitation of the T2 road from Chinsali to Nakonde (208.kilometres) road section which is part of the 611.5-kilometre Serenje-Nakonde road proposed for full reconstruction.
“AfDB has expressed interest to finance the proposed road project. This summary, therefore, provides highlights on description of the project, project area and area of influence, potential impacts, organisational responsibility, community participation and integration with host communities among others,” the report reads.
The bank says the project is expected to be implemented by the RDA.
The report reads that the Chinsali-Nakonde section has deteriorated and presents safety hazards to drivers due to its reduced width and demanded riding surface.
It says the findings shows that the proposed roads upgrading projects is expected to have a number of negative impacts on the environment, most of these are anticipated to occur during the construction phases, but will be mitigated in the overall road design.
AfDB, however, notes that the project benefits outweigh the negative impacts.