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State refutes condom distribution in schools

GOVERNMENT says it has not issued any policy statement to allow distribution of condoms in schools, Minister of General Education Dennis Wanchinga has clarified.

Dr Wanchinga said this in an interview in Lusaka recently following continued reports of organisations distributing condoms in some schools.
He said he is not aware of oganisations distributing condoms in schools.
Dr Wanchinga said those distributing condoms in schools are doing so outside his ministry’s mandate.
He was responding to media reports that Government has allowed distribution of condoms in schools.
“The ministry has not yet released a substantive policy, or given a directive on the distribution of condoms in schools,” he said.
Dr Wanchinga said the policy of his ministry is to provide sex education and reproductive health.
He said condom distribution is a Ministry of Health responsibility.
Dr Wanchinga said he will soon meet organisations distributing condoms in schools to establish their motives.