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State probes land fraud

GOVERNMENT has instituted investigations to the origin of a fake letter purporting that the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection is issuing land to women at a cost of K1,000.
Minister of Lands Mwansa Kapeya said relevant authorities to handle the investigations are already on course to find the culprits in the matter.
The letter, dated December 4, 2014, is alleged to have been issued and signed by Mr Kapeya in collaboration with the minister of Gender and Child Development, Inonge Wina.
“This is to inform you that the Ministry of Gender and Child Development in conjunction with the Ministry of Lands have embarked on a jubilee women empowerment programme. This is within our 2016 vision designed to empower Zambian women with land (plot 25mx30m) where a decent house can be built,” part of the letter reads.
Mr Kapeya has warned women to be wary of unscrupulous people who are trying to trick women in an effort to make money.
“In society we cannot run away from such people, but we need to be extra careful, people want to make money through crooked means but I want to state that the letter is fake and has no consent from me,” he said.
Part of the letter also reads that officers from the Ministry of Lands have been deployed to educate then about land issues.
“There are tickets on sale for a women empowerment seminar which will take place at Government complex on December 27 from 14:30 hours to 17 hours with the theme, Empower a woman with a land. Upon the purchase of the ticket, you qualify to purchase 25mx 30m piece of land at only K1000,” the letter further reads.
The letter also alleges that it has been mandated to cater for churches such as Roman Catholic, United Church of Zambia, Christian Mission in Many Lands and Seventh Day Adventist.

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