State plans against adverse weather

GOVERNMENT is developing a modernised hydro-meteorological monitoring system to provide information that will enable decision-makers plan for future water resources development and actions to mitigate disasters such as floods and droughts.
Speaking during an overall assessment and optimisation study and design of the hydro-meteorological network workshop in Lusaka yesterday, Ministry of Energy and Water Development permanent secretary Edward Chomba said currently, the water sub-sector is faced with several challenges such as declining number of monitoring sites in most regions, lack of maintenance and delay to fix problems at monitoring stations.
Bishop Chomba said the hydro-meteorological project has been conceived by Government to establish a modernised monitoring capability for Zambia that is strategic in conception.
“A modernised hydro-meteorological monitoring system will provide information to mitigate disasters such as floods and droughts, informs the allocation of water resources, prevents degradation of the natural aquatic environment, improved weather forecasting, transport operations and management of hydropower and trans-boundary stream flows,” he said.
In 2013, Government received US$50 million from the World Bank to support the Zambia Water Resources Development Project.
Bishop Chomba said the project will assess the current state of the hydro-meteorological network, define options for optimising Zambia’s services and practices at the international and regional levels among others.
“Government seeks to enhance the management of water resources to ensure that resources are available for various uses at all times in adequate quantities and quality,” he said.
And Water Resources Management Authority director-general Paul Kapotwe said 22 weather stations are being assessed, 65 are under rehabilitation while 87 have reached foundation level.

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